Thursday, April 4, 2013

Still dreaming

So yes i jumped in the white light, to find a new place on the other side.

Antique Carved Panel Dresser & Lighting Set, Avian Coast Set
Plantlife Fronds Artwork Set, 
Plantlife Pods Artwork Set, blue table and chairs w/poses, 
Country Love Wood Candle Duo set,
ceiling light
The girl got up when she saw me and asked me just one question.
Acid Lily :{MV}: Phuri Nomad
::Designer Circle::. {Co*Motion} {KindaFlirty-StandingSet}poses
'Is she coming?'
I looked through the windows, and... yes, someone was floating outside...
::Designer Circle::.{Co*Motion} Dance*Party set poses
Wow now the girl's dress was charming as a princess'  and she was running to another light that had appeared on the wall.
::Designer Circle::. {Co*Motion} {KindaFlirty-StandingSet}poses
The Boobies Planet .: Glow Designs :.Coral Morning Dress W/Lolas Tango App 

::Designer Circle::. {Co*Motion} {KindaFlirty-StandingSet}poses
[Hush] Skins April Sugar Rush Releases  Jilly Skin - Confetti
'Please, dont go!' i said, but she whispered she couldnt stay and poof! GONE.
[Hush] Skins April Sugar Rush Releases  Jilly Skin - Lollipop
XYROOM :Sugar: Spring Horns [April Showers] 

Then the other girl was at the door and she told me... (to be continued)

XYROOM ::Rack City::  Sex Bomb Dress Black n Butternut 
Jamman Jewels & Accessories 
Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV3
::Designer Circle::.
Graffitiwear Kokopelli Boots

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