Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Supers

We met THE SUPERS when we were walking in the village with the art teacher. Ree told me they call themselves the SUPER popular girls at her old school. And they were her enemies.

Ree and I had been talking to the old sailor, and the rest of the group was a bit away when they appeared.
Nice girls... I didnt understand what they talked about , but obviously they were laughing at Ree.
I pushed my friend away, and left them giggling as idiots.

Oh please, who cares? let rat and the Supers talk!

ZINNER Shapes  Magical
Dulce Secrets Iriel. Honey. Mead.Bare skin
Forbidden Closet .:FallenDreams Inc:.  Rocked
Rockoil Amusement Boots Red
XYROOM Sup Poses Texture Changing Screen With Poses Paris & retro
::Designer Circle::.
::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Sweet Casual Outfit Red
COCO SANDS Erin  shape
XYROOM Sup Poses Texture Changing Screen With Poses Paris & retro
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Nails:  Jamman Jewels & Accessories
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Nails: Jamman Jewels & Accessories

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