Sunday, May 26, 2013

A time to live...

I heard the voices down stairs.
 I was 'busy' and  i didnt pay attention till i noticed mom was crying.
We were not talking to eachother yet, well, i was not talking to her, but if that disgusting End was making her cry, I ...
But End was not there.
It was Katherine. My grandmom.
Oh no. She had come to invite mom to a surprise party for her nephew (the PIG man). He was back from a business trip. And she knew he was d-y-i-n-g to see mom. He had told Katherine that he was waiting for the right moment to let mom know about his...feelings.
And in that moment mom interrupted her and - wow she is brave - told Katherine that she had a bf and she was ...

My grandmom is one of those rich women who think they can always act as they please and say everything they feel like saying.
She never cared about hurting mom's feelings.
Granny had told me how angry Katherine was when her son married mom. She seemed to accept her in the family when I was born.  But  she never loved mom.

I know mom loved dad more than anything. And we have been waiting for him to come back for more than ten years. Maybe its time to admit he never will, time for mom to have a life.
And I know im sounding very grown up and reasonable. Im doing this for mom, but guys...I am so sad!
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