Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweet Badass

+HUHU+  Leggins Colored
M.A.T. Special Mustache-Love sneakers
Mom told me  she is going to have a baby. I dont understand and i dont want to understand it. So much talking about safe sex, and now look at her.
Ugh. Its horrible to think of your mom as someone who ... you know.
So i keep locked up in my room with my laptop  and fashion magazines, listening to the radio. She told me this morning Im acting selfish and childish and hurting her. But i didnt answer, I just dont talk to her.
I watch my fav series, as Sweet badass, wishing i could be independent as those girls. And run away.
A badass girl gets up in the morning feeling badass...
+HUHU+  LazyShort Burgundy
Takes her bath while daydreaming badass dreams...
XYROOM IOS Bathtub with Poses
 ZERO COOL Sea of candles 1 prim impact  B5
She knows one day she will be famous somehow...
XYROOM Sup Poses Vanity Dresser With Texture Change Pics
1 HUNDRED Slip On Set
Though, since then, she will have to go to school... (poor teachers!)
HOT STUFF Savage girl lolas spring hunt w/tango lolas applier
SOUR PICKLES mini cacti plants MMboard
Sweet badass girlie ... You Rock!
OPOPOP Mexitini VF mesh top and Enme mesh jeans
SOUR PICKLES The Sinister's Goth  hunt Lustful blush
Picture in the magazine:
[[ Masoom ]] for The 100 Block Anika dress
[[ Masoom ]] Lazy Model Poses
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop GroupGift Cassie Skin & Shape
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