Wednesday, May 8, 2013

THIS cant be happening

I was furious.
I think i had never been so furious in my whole life.
This damn man. And mom. And mom is... no no no no
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The girls noticed i was about crying, and asked what happened. I just could mumble, 'my mom is going to  have a ... baby'.
They looked at me in surprise. I went to Silence and shouted, 'you knew it, didnt u? ' He said very calmly ' yes, i did, but my grandad didnt want me to tell you. I thought he was right, your mom had to be the one to talk to you'.
I didnt want to cry but i felt about doing it. Then he moved a bit to me and said with his sweet voice,'hey hunnie, they are super happy, everything will be ok'.
And I...

and i didnt want to hear anybody and left the bar and ran in the rain.
Mom and End are going to have a baby! Why?? How did mom allow this to happen? Wasnt it bad enough to have that man in our lives and now... this!

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