Tuesday, May 28, 2013

You dont bring me flowers anymore

*Kabuki Creations ~ Pose & Animations for the HOME EXPO 2013
"Be My Valentine"
100% sale proceed go to RELAY FOR LIFE (RFL)
Love is in the air... or I feel it like this.
Acid Lily
  ~CandyMetal~ Chistie Outfit
elephante poses for the Soho Sample
Brown Eyed Girl set
Maybe cause Bf surprised me and sent me one of those flower rings that are so in fashion these last days.
Yes, very in fashion.
 I went to LOla's, our bar, jumping in delight, in my own cloud of love...
Umi!! Bf sent me a ring!!!

Loordes of London-Flawless-Here Comes Summer
The Candy Collection pumps
::Designer Circle::. 
! Vivace ! - Mesh-Dress - Lara
{Co*Motion} Beauty*Queen
Miss C. - Vilerno-Non Rigged Mesh

'Oh my DD! Silence just gave  me one too!!!'
+HUHU+ wool top cut
 Forbidden Closet Designs Cheetah Girl skirt with belt
Oh wow and they really are so cute!
All the nails are Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV4 
and find all the flower rings at LILLIES OF THE VALLEY GACHA

SO we are lucky girls--- according to the fashion.
And what about the others?
'Heyyyyy what do you think i got this morning?'
Forbidden Closet Designs 
Pill Back The Layers skirt with belt
.::BT::. Tragic *boots* 
Sugar & Cyanide Bandana Top
'A manicure?' ' Yeah, nice nails!'
NOOOOOO HE gave me a flower ring!!
-Pin me up- poses Jewelery poses set
Umami said we shouldnt show the rings in front of the other girls or at least dont make much fuss about them. Cause Sugar Suz is in a difficult moment of her sentimental life...
Acid Lily Color Insane top and leggings
And she still doesnt know, but the boy she likes (omg, and they cant be more opposite!) is crazy about another girl...
A girl who has her own problems to face...

PRIME Audrey sofa set  w/poses
EYELURE Sexy LIttle Thing

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