Friday, June 21, 2013

Beware of falling! (in love )

Lola wanted to invite everybody a glass of wine to celebrate the opening of the summer terrace.
By accident, the table where the bottles were, fell before anyone could help it. They shattered in thousand pieces and everybody screamed and jumped away. No one was hurt. But some of us were soaked. Specially Loulou and
Umami .

LOla offered them some comfy clothes, but Loulou went home to change into something more fashion.
::[BuFu]::Prod0.7 for the Excuse My French Hunt Pant Baggy THUG GRAY
Umi  joked if  her mom smelled her, she would think she had drunk the whole bar .
So we didnt know what was happening outside the bar, but we were back to the terrace just on time for the drama.
Acid Lily
 {Co*Motion} Flirty*Fashionista 
   Flower Child - Oversized Cargo Jacket

Ree had discovered that Loulou and Marlow were on the bar roof. What the hell?

Sugar Suz smile was very innocent. Umami and I tried to calm Ree, but our friend was FURIOUS.
She climbed the stairs like a high speed train and asked Marlow what the hell was going up.
I have to say Marlow didnt look guilty at all, but Loulou laughed outloud and said she thought they (Marlow and Ree) had an open relationship.
Acid Lily {Co*Motion} Flirty*Fashionista 
SLC Mesh Belted Deep Neckline Dress black
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Ohhhhhhh she is as mean as beautiful! Marlow didnt seem to pay any attention and then Loulou added, 'she was cheating on you, and the girls saw it too'.
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Ree walked two steps back and Marlow moved towards her, but she avoided his hands.
Sup pose Falling pose
Marlow jumped as fast as a lightning and... CAUGHT HER!
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UFFFFFFFF! Happy ending! And really a happy one cause Marlow swore he didnt give a damn about Loulou, Loulou's words, or any guy in any pool.
So they really didnt need to make up peaces... but they did.
Sup pose A Touch Pose
And more than that. Marlow had bought her a gift  and had been wanting to surprise her, when Loulou called him and spoiled it all.
EYELURE Love Monkey Ring
 -Pin me up-Poses jewellery poses
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Wow... A Love Monkey ring... Girls, this is S-E-R-I-O-U-S! :))
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