Thursday, June 6, 2013

Feather in the wind

Tata took us to the basement. It was a cute place, very clean and organized. She had the  sleep bags nicely arranged. There were some beds, but we didnt mind to lay on a thin mattress on the floor either.
We pushed the boys to the side room...and  finally we were organized for the weekend.

On saturday, we woke up early. I couldnt wait to see the beach!
 But down stairs, in our basement, there was only one bathroom... so time to take turns.
+HUHU+ Capri Pants
LOORDES OF LONDON for The Wash Aberdeen draped top
Woha! C'mon Loulou !! After all this time in there i bet she looks like a princess!!
 elephante poses for the Summer Fashion Festival Get Loose
Artic STorm - for Flawless Glitter Moon
Beloved Jewelry for Flawless Christina Jewelry Set (Texture Change)
Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV4
Well... not exactly, but not bad either, and anyway, she made everybody happy to see her hahahahhaha
.::BT::. Amy  outfit
-Pin me up-Poses Poses.just standing here
~*BaUbLeS! by Phe 
-Pin me up-Poses
Jewelery set 

The good thing was she missed the amazing moment when Marlow appeared with the breakfast trolley for 'his chick'. We all melted. AWWWWW so sweet!
+HUHU+ Capri Pants
Storax Tree Sales Room Tulip Tea Trolley Sandwich Dessert for One 
Ree jumped from bed and danced up and down saying that she felt like a feather in the summer wind... Isnt love wonderful?
1 HUNDRED Darling Babydoll
Jamman Jewels & Accessories  Ultra Mesh Rigged FingernailsV4
elephante poses for The Box Light As A Feather

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