Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dressed for success

Xen's Hats Medallion Fedora
.::BT::. Resist
Jamman Jewels & Accessories
Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails

Friday afternoon. We had a meeting at Umami's.
Her mom was out for the weekend, that made our plans easier to succeed.
We were taking a train, so we met at Umi's home. And till here, no lies.
Cause we all (Ree, Umi and I), were taking a train. But Ree will take a different train, with Marlow.
And before taking those trains, we were helping Ree to get ready for her special weekend.

Acid Lily //elephante poses// Ruby pose set
.S&C.for the SUMMER BREAK FESTIVAL  In to the Blue
PRIME Nordic Sauna 
Oh too funny, we changed into towels and slippers and met Ree... I swear, that was Ree hahahaha
She was undergoing a complete beauty work. The purifying sauna, some beauty mask in her hair, we did her nails and helped with the wax...
PRIME Nordic Sauna w/single &couple poses
It took a while, but under Umi directions (oh my, this girl is good at everything), we managed to have her skin super clean, smooth, lovely  everywhere, and absolutely ready for success.
Mad'- Venus Beauty Towell, masks, wax.... (love it!)
Then Umi said we had to relax and then go for a very cold shower to end the health and beauty session.
Acid Lily //elephante poses// Ruby set
Ok, time for confessions and confidences. So I told Ree about me... I had my bf but we never... Did she with her ex?
Oh my, i really love it when we have these little chats about life and love and... sex!
StoraxTree  and  Storax Tree Sales Room FURNITURE
.::BT::. No Limits
Acid Lily //elephante poses//Just a girl pose set
.S&C. for On POINT! Trouble Maker
StoraxTree  and  Storax Tree Sales Room FURNITURE
And there she went!
Umami and I had to take a subway to get to our station. But we kept in touch by phone, texting like crazy.

Thats how we knew that Marlow was looking soooo cool and seemed to be melting for her...
OPOPOP  Cacham in Brown // Mesh Sweat Hooded
+HUHU+ City Skinny jeans
The boys of Summer //elephante poses// Brohammer pose set
And also that something else happened...
Oh my my my... Now news about their romantic weekend could spread everywhere!!!
::Designer Circle::.
{Co*Motion} Charming*Creature pose set
Eyelure MiniCrop Top and Denim Skinnie
The Boobies Planet
= Baby Butterfly = Skin Paramore w/ Applier
[LDP] Summer Dress Bacteria
::Designer Circle::.
.::PiNK CHERRY::. Pearl Jewellery Set Felicitas silver 

The boys of Summer  elephante posesAin't No Other Man pose set
Cacham in Brown // Mesh Sweat Hooded
Vesper in Brown //  Mesh Shoes

+HUHU+ City Skinny jeans

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