Thursday, July 4, 2013

Get ready for the 4th

 Acid Lily 
.:*DuCk or Swan*:.
Livia skin and shape

LavandaChic*Plum Top*
Loordes of London-Ailith Booties-Aubergine Tweed
 *Phoebe* Unisex Face Piercing B2 ~Silver
::Designer Circle::.
Eyelure Neon Skinnies w/ Texture Changing 
Ree was pissed off. Marlow had a last moment babysitting and they had  to cancel their plans for the afternoon. I told her and Umi to come home and watch first chapter of Black Magic, the new series on tv, but she was not in the mood and said she rather went out and got drunk at LOla's  (joking... i hope).
The series was interesting, but i missed something really fun. LOla asked them to help her with the 4th of july deco, taking some pics for the bar!
Kooky 4th Sunglasses 
Sugar & Cyanide
Stars for Hello titty tuesday
PURE sales F a s h i o n   F e a r s  [F F]   skirt and top
 FURNITURE  StoraxTree  and  Storax Tree Sales Room

So Marlow took care of big big mac while mom was busy...
FASHION WARDROBE B(.)(.)BEE TRAP ~ Stars 'n' Stripes

Yay! Everybody is getting ready for the 4th!

Pat-a -kake for Zooby baby 4TH OF JULY SHORTS AND HAT

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