Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Welcome to paradise

The train took them to a little village on the coast. They were going to a small island, where Marlow had found a nice motel.
There was a short boat trip to the island.
The sunset was darkened by a sudden rain.
And just about arriving ... the little boat crashed against some trash.

Some people fell into the water and some others jumped to help them...
And others jumped cause they loved the jumping ones hahahahaa
flowey. 'water is fine' poses
Dont panic! They all were rescued! :)
People were very thankful, cause Ree and Marlow helped everybody.
An old lady insisted on taking them to her home, to dry their clothes and take a hot bath, and when she knew they were planning to spend the weekend there, she offered them a free room.
There was a little problem though. She had a nice but a bit...erm... prehistor... i mean, old house.
flowey hipster princess bathtub /green
Oh and in fact Marlow was right, it was quite romantic!
Lots of country comforts to enjoy!

It was a nice dinner, though the lady chatted like crazy and never seemed to be ready to go to bed.
But finally she took them to the guests bedroom... and oh my my my
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While Marlow was sent to do some last chores (so good to have a man at home, isnt it sweety? ), the lady told Ree she probably would need a nightgown, cause her luggage was lost. And gave her one of her favorites, and was sooo pleased when Ree accepted it...
So when Marlow was back...
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Yeah, welcome :)


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