Sunday, September 1, 2013

Dont cry, silly

 :Sugar: Like a Prayer Necklace  
KlubWerK.her -OUTFIT- MAYA
ryuu-kou boots
And she said i was looking worried, and i was a silly and told her about BF and his 'platform friend' .
MUNIQUE Simple Bracelet Gold
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Pink Acid Collagen Lips 
I came back home feeling super sad. I wanted to tell mom all about it, but she is so in her own world lately... She was in a hurry, the new exhibit was about beginning.
Dirty Little Secret Girly jersey & leather maternity dress set
Oh nice! Mom and I kept a hand on her belly trying to feel the kicking (i think she imagined it, i felt nothing). And then she left to the gallery.
Yay. No one cared about me...
 SLC  Mesh Baby Doll Dress Geranium 

I didnt want to call any of my friends. Umi was out for the weekend.
PURE sales
[LIV-Glam] [LG] Boutique-Fading Like a Flower 
Pink Acid Collagen Lips 
MUNIQUE Simple Bracelet Gold
And what if they all thought as Loulou? What if it was so so so clear that BF didnt love me anymore? And then my mobile rang.
BLACK ONLY {RR} Lowrise Prestige Pants 
Sugar & Cyanide Watch This Too shirt
I just began crying. And Ree was so alarmed i had to tell her what was going on.
Sugar & Cyanide Watch This Too shirt
And in a very few, she was at my door :)

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