Sunday, September 29, 2013

Get to him through his stomach

Oh yes, we found the bedrooms in the basement. But they were not what we expected.

Umami felt so guilty that she began crying, and i have to say everybody reacted really wonderful, joking about the place and saying it was going to be fun.
The three rooms were ...

Yeah, the worst one was amazingly BAD, and if you add that it was the closest to the little room with the MECHANIC SAW (omg), it was super nice from  Ree to quickly said Marlow and her would take it .

As the house looked so spooky, and so isolated in the forest, we had decided to share rooms with one of our brave knights. Ree had 'her' Marlow, Umami asked Silence to  share our room, and Loulou and Sugar Suz took the best room ( the less bad)  with Jim.
In fact i was so tired that i slept wonderfully all night long, and if a zombie or a ghost came to visit us, i didnt noticed.
Cosmopolitan Sales Room Loordes of London-Loktak Dress
ROOM69 Loordes of London-Shalimar Boots
Next day we organized the work. Some had to stay and clean, some were going to get  food and drinks to the store we had seen next to the gas station.
Ree, Sugar Suz and I went for supplies. Sugar Suz surprised us crying her love for Jim, Umami's cousin.
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room NEWTIQUE - Tear me up w/app
Last night she was super happy to have him in the bedroom, but Loulou spoiled it all.
Sugar Suz seems blind to see what we all can see. Jim melts after Loulou, who plays the super witch with him, of course.
1HUNDRED  Darling Babydoll
The funny thing is if Umami hadnt told me one day, i would have never suspected Sugar Suz liked him so much, so i understood when Ree couldnt believe what she was hearing.

But you know Ree. She inmediately said we had to plan something to make Jim fall for Sugar Suz.
[M.O.W] Shock Fem Jeans
 {XO} 80's NEON v1 GLASSES
Mad Hatters Midweek Sale
 .:RapturzUK:. Cute Little Hatter
EYELURE Kicks tennis
We would begin by calling Umi and asking her which was her cousin's favorite dessert.
 ' Jim's? Pumpkin pie, i think... why?' 

We would buy it and Sugar Suz will say in front of him, 'oh wow, Im so happy! We found MY favorite dessert!'.
Illegal sneakers
Unisex Harem Sport Pant 

Hahahahaha omg isnt she nuts? But Sugar Suz thought it was an awesome idea.
THE FASHION STORIE FAIR Loordes of London-The Bard-Gold&Grey

The man in the gas station told us where to find pumpkin pie.
And there we went, feeling quite sure we would succeed... cause it was called Pumpkin Town. Yay! (to be continued)

 The Halloween theme sim Pumpkin Town will open Oct 1st, and you cant miss it!
Amazingly built, you can walk the lovely halloween market, in the middle of an awesome forest.

There will be events (djset, lives performances, shows, readings, ...), a horror and fantasy theater, freebies, a treasure hunt...)
You can check it HERE  and  follow it in Facebook.
See you around!

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