Thursday, September 19, 2013

I want you to want me

I hate it.
If you dont want someone, why do you want him or her to keep wanting you?
That has been Loulou's acting about Silence and Marlow.  Now Hush, Butch's ex, is doing the same.
Yesterday i was at school ending a review with Butch, when Umi called me to meet at the Arcade.
EYELURE Tank Dress  - Gray Awesome 
B!ASTA :THE HIGHEST BID: grey . Cowgirl boots
This is not one of my favorite places, cause Ree had already told us her ex loved it, and when he appears we always have problems. But all my friends were going there. I asked Butch to come, and he said no ty, but finally he did.
 And Rat didnt seem to be there, but Hush was... ok ok everything cool, no problem.
It was fun when Silence and Umi arrived on skates :)
and maybe cause we were having a good time, nobody noticed how Hush was showing how cute and beautiful and sexy was... ugh poor Butch, not fair.
Sugar & Cyanide Metallic Pants w/phat app 
 PURE Sales
:[GzB]: Body Shop - Pollyana Shape
 .::FLG::. Wet Tank 
fi*Friday Empire Galleria
Baaah!Special Edition  FRANCIS skin 
Loordes of London-Shalimar Boots-Red/Red 
Sup Poses  Boobies pose
fi*Friday Empire Galleria
Baaah!Special Edition  FRANCIS skin 
 PURE Sales
:[GzB]: Body Shop - Pollyana Shape 
Mayfly Liquid Light Eyes (Mountain Lake)
I think we all like Butch. He is so kind with us and so helpful. Some of the others university guys of his team look at us as if we were  kindergarten stuff, but he is a lovely person.
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Stalker mesh tshirt gift 
OPOPOP Ceresio VM in Camo Black // Mesh Cargo// TheCity // Unisex // Mesh Sneakers
::Designer Circle::. [ B!ASTA ]
AUTUMN CAN WAIT: Denim & floral halter dress
THE HIGHEST BID: Cowgirl boots . pink/denim
 PURE Sales .:Syx&Ari:. VINTAGE TEE 
OPOPOP Enme in Cyan // Jean's VM
Ree introduced us to some friends from her other school there. Nice to remember the old times!
::Designer Circle:: FROZEN Bottle poses
::Designer Circle:: FROZEN Bottle poses 
 PURE Sales .::Vivid::. Cross Roads Outfit
 PURE SalesTameless Hair Hadley 
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop MAINSTORE Alixx {Hazy} Sept. 2013 GG 
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 ~Sassy!~ Cambridge sweater - plum and fusion pants
OMG! Those old crazy times! hahahaha
HOT STUFF outfit for The naughty teacher hunt
MUNIQUE Money garter
EYELURE make up 
Jamman Jewels & Accessories Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails
Nothing to do with our Ree... good as a fairy! :P
FASHION WARDROBE {*BBSA*} Serene_Fairy Outfit

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