Saturday, September 21, 2013

Red eyes- red nose but wonderful

I went to see my granny. I wanted to tell her all about BF, but then i thought how much she adores him, and how sad would it make her to know things could change for us.
So I was sitting on a bench,  deciding to come back home, when i heard a 'hey  you ok, DD?'.
[M.O.W] Utopia Jeans
.::BT::. Squash It sweater
SOHO Market Loordes of London-Shalimar Boots
It was Butch. 
OPOPOP Ceresio VM in Camo Brown . Mesh Cargo // Vesper in Brown .Mesh Shoes 
PURE Sales .:Syx&Ari:.  VINTAGE TEE
And ugh he had caught me red eyes and red nose cause i had been crying for a while.
[M.O.W] Utopia Jeans 
.::BT::. Squash It sweater
Nifty 50
.:Tits Up:.   Grandads Shirt 
DaZeD DeZineZ Eleanor Stars 
Sup Poses
Betty skin and shape
Oh my! Before I could think twice i was telling him all the story!

BF being out for so long... His mails and pics and this sexy Val always in them...
... and how i wish i could kick that girl...
SOHO Market
 Loordes of London-Shalimar Boots

Awwww he is super sweet! And he gave me a boy's opinion, and thats important.
He has made me feel much better :)

The best in pinterest :)