Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dress code date

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Umami and Ree had a double date. They wanted Marlow and Silence to take them to the new restaurant, but when the guys knew about the dress code, they were hard to convice.
Finally, they surrendered to their lovely girlfriends and this evening was the woooot date.
As I was super sad again because of Bf's last news, the girls came home before the date. They wanted to distract me for a while.

When Ree arrived, Umami had already tried all her tricks to cheer me up.

Poor girls, i only could cry like an idiot!

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So while i was distracted with my tears, Ree called Umi to make her mobile ring. She pretended it was Silence cancelling the date. And they both played the 'damn boys!! you cant trust them!!' for a bit, and then  told me to get dressed, we all were going for the best pizza ever, cause THEY were depressed.
Arent they amazing? :)
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YAY! Girls night!!! I looooove you girls!!
I  was really sorry about the date in the elegant restaurant! After all the boys had done,  following the dress code and so on!

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