Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hope you all had a nice evening!

Umami is on a  trip to see some family. She is not very happy about it but had to go.
Loordes of London-Carpathia Luggage- Etalia Suit Set- Cambridge  Pumps
End is taking mom to the super posh restaurant, and he invited Silence and I too.
 Silence said he was going with Marlow to the stadium, but i was super excited to see the famous restaurant ... wow!
PURE Sales Eternal dream  On the catwalk poses
Life Of Style Loordes of LondonThe French Quarter Boots-Red/Gold
SOHO Market Loordes of London Kashmir Dress
TAMELESS Sapphire hair
Bitacora Travel Fair ASO!  Traveling necklace
Sugar Suz wanted  to see to the inauguration of the new exhibition at the Grunge Art Gallery,  called Live Sculpting. Ree went with her.
CURVES skins and shapes Zack T2
+HUHU+ Male Skinny Jeans denim and Illegal sneakers
MM5 Rock!-Now or Never T-Shirt Mesh

She  was a bit angry cause Marlow had deserted her because 'of that stupid boxing' . They tried to convince me to join them, but the restaurant was too big a temptation and i had to say no.
CURVES skins and shapes Zack T1
Mad Hatters Midweek Sale
 DaZeD DeZineZ Venom Mesh

Sugar & Cyanide Aubree skin and Spiked Set 
EYELURE Sassy Sweats 
.::BT::. Bangerz Sketch
::Designer Circle::.  *ANNA SHAPES* - Mirian
I had a great evening. I dont know about  Marlow's and Silence's.
 Boxing is too wild for me, but you know, some men seem to enjoy watching two big guys fighting!

Toxic High-- Hunt Gift [Girls] Rock attitude  w/ap
!BaaaH! Noemi skin Africa
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Munique Cross Necklace and earrings

But Ree and Sugar Suz had A LOT of fun... Who could have told an art exhibition was going to be so entertaining? :P
.::BT::. Get It Right
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room =^.^=MS=^.^= Gacha Bangles 
Jamman Jewels & Accessories Ultra Mesh Rigged Fingernails
EYELURE Monkey ring
CURVES skins and shapes Zack T4
CURVES skins and shapes Zack T4
Black Pearl Store [AR] Mesh Joker Shirt
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room Gacha STASIS Crushed Velvet Stiletto Boots
The Body Modification -LuckieBoss Bitch Tote

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