Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do you want to join my team?

Les sucreries de Fairy Just be you  group gift
This week we are working like busy bees at school.
The art teacher asked us to do  a 'team performance'.
We  can choose anybody in the school to be part of the team, but we need to be ten people to enter the contest... and the school will pay for the winners' spring trip !
Four are decided for sure... now we need to think who else, and its not easy cause people rush to get their groups complete.
MUNIQUE Natalia poses
Sugar Suz told us we had to count on Loulou,
B!ASTA DERECHO: Maroon . Houndstooth wool parka jacket
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
though she   just  seems to be able to think of her job and friends at the models agency.
Black Pearl Store[AR] Booties Crododile with Hud
CHEERS, BABY: Velvet mini skirt - 10 col HUD
HOUSE WARMING PARTY: Glitter tops - 10 col HUD
Ree and Umami asked the boys and I convinced Butch (he is helping Mr Book) to join the team too.
Siria's Fashion Room
*Siria's Design*  Lace Boots 
-Ninety-   Duo Flared Skirt Mesh
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Cute kitty Boatneck cropped blouse
But Ree said we need something more... MORE. And she had an idea...
And do you know who is going to be in our team? Wispagold, the red princess of the rock!!
::Designer Circle::. MD  Kim Tight Fitting Dress Silver
Jamman Jewels & Accessories 9inch ULTRA MESH RIGGED FINGERNAILS 
Yay! She has been helping with the musicals at school, and when her beloved Marlow asked her to be in our group she accepted! This team will roooooooock!
But we still need one more person...
Forbidden Closet Designs MAINSTORE Awesome Outfit 

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