Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Super Sexy Diva Fashion

Toxic High-- Stipy Blue Mini Dress Boob & Azz Appliers
The Thrift Shop Latreia- Peggy the trift free gift

Today was first day as blonde model for Loulou.
She was so excited she arrived very early and had to wait for a while till the other models arrived.
THE OUTLET Loordes of London-Pachia Purse
The Boobies Planet :.::Hot Stuff::.: Naa Poocho
!BaaaH!  skin Africa
Jazz was the first of the team to get there. Though Loulou was desperate to chat, Jazz just said 'hi' and pouring herself a cup of tea, sat in silence.
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Furniture w/poses
But then Lala arrived. Jazz offered her a tea, and when Lala saw the tray...
Secret Wednesday Yardsale .S&C. Leri outfit
HOT STUFF Castiel skin w/ap
Ohhhh everybody knows its GREEN tea what you need to have at the set before a photo session!!!
THE OUTLET //elephante poses// Eat Me Slink Nails Fatpack and Milkshake poses
Drama time!!! But sooo good, cause it helped Loulou to make friends with the super divas.
Toxic High-- Stipy Blue Mini Dress Boob & Azz Appliers
The scene went on till the door opened again. Cause there is no drama, no news, no nothing when Vanity is around. She is EVERYTHING.
Mad Hatters Midweek Sale :Tits Up:.  Bandana Baby Teal
CURVES Amanda skin w/ap
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room Sugel Co. 
{RARE} My dear Sunglasses 
Day of the Dead Necklaces
CURVES Amanda skin w/ap
Cause, wow, outside there were like million fans calling her name, carrying roses, and shooting their cameras like crazy.

And as always, Vanity didnt seem impressed.

Then they all talked about the red tea, complained to the manager, threatened him and said they all would leave...

And Loulou complained as much as them and felt very part of the team.

Of course no one left and they got dressed for the photos.
Bewbapalooza S&C. Heart You
The Thrift Shop Loordes of London
The French Quarter Boots-Black/Red
HOT STUFF Castiel skin w/ap
Xen's Hats  Checotah black&white
Latex outfit w/ap
CURVES Amanda skin w/ap

And Loulou said she had a great outfit to wear and everybody told her she was fantastic!
::Designer Circle::. IOS Film Slate Poses
!BaaaH!  skin Africa
[M.O.W] Hiana Jeans 
Siria's Fashion Room  NS:: Black Widow Corset (mesh) w/ ap
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room Baubles! by Phe DiamondKisses! and  Kiss me ring
Xen's Hats  Cordell fedora
Loordes of London-London's Fog-Dk Gold/Black  and Sacre Couer Boots-Buckskin
Awwww what an amazing day for our blonde top model!
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Furniture w/poses

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