Friday, November 15, 2013

The reason

Umami called me. She was almost crying.
Marlow had asked her to help him buying something nice for Ree, 'cause im shit at choosing girl's gifts'.
They went to one of Ree's favorite stores, and when they were there, he got a call from Ree.
CURVES Zack skin T2

Oh my! Umami knew about Rat's appearance the other day, cause Ree is her best friend and had told her. (see here)
But also, Ree had warned her to never let Marlow know about it. 
And if Marlow had been angry, she would have never told.
But seeing our badass cry was something Umi couldnt stand.

Zane Outfit
Jeans, hoodie, shoes
and broken glasses

Yes, it was hard to hear him say how Ree had changed him, how different his life was, and how he had always been afraid of losing her.
So Umami explained Marlow that Ree was terrified  thinking Rat could beat him again ... or something worse, she was just breaking up to protect him.
And then... (to be continued)
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