Sunday, November 10, 2013

This will change your life

Loulou asked us to meet her at the beach bar. She needed our help, she said.
'Probably she has got a tab in her eye and doesnt know what to do' said Ree, but we all went to meet her.
Loulou was in her dramatic mood.
//elephante poses// Leave The Lights On 
 ::Designer Circle::. Kanou Sarah Blue
Siria's Fashion Room -SSW- BUGUI SHOES
What change? and why??
Cause she felt her career was stuck. And she had been studying her 'rivals' and got to a conclusion.

::Designer Circle::.
Icons Of Style -  Film Director chair
.::WoW Skins::. Gabriela skin 
Bewbapalooza .S&C. Snowflakes
HOT STUFF :November Skin (sunskiss) group gift
 The Thrift Shop -Luckie- Rippie Nettie
::Designer Circle::. Icons Of Style -  Film Director chair
::Designer Circle::. 1 Hundred. Reminisce Blouse
POUDRE Ilaria skin - Group Gift NOV and Lolly shape
Oh my, Loulou, why do you ask when the boys are around?
Black Pearl Store [AR] Leroy Outfit Blazer & Pant Mesh W Hud 
+HUHU+  City Skinny pant and Long Jacket
CURVES Zack skin T2-T1
But i should have said that when Loulou asks for advice is in fact asking for an audience. She got up (dramatic) and told us,
PERFECT WARDROBE //elephante poses// Leave The Lights On 
 ::Designer Circle::. Kanou Sarah Blue
Siria's Fashion Room -SSW- BUGUI SHOES
Ok, she is going to change, but what? Umami whispered 'will she get some of those plastic boobs or what?' but Ree's patience about Loulou's dramas is very limited.
TAMELESS Hottie Outfit
PELLE Sea hair
Loulou felt VERY hurt and they argued for a bit, till Silence and Umami said they were going to the movies and  took Marlow and Ree  with them.
Gol The Original
DaZeD DeZineZ Retrobution Outfit
and Isabelle zebra shoes

Ree's last words while leaving were, ' if your change involves your shoes, send them to me, they are gorgeous'
Siria's Fashion Room

I know , i know, but they will never grow up.

I stayed cause i was feeling bad for Loulou.
I was afraid she would really run for a Plastic surgeon all alone.
So when she said she was going for her change, Sugar Suz and I told her if she was so completely decided ('YES!') we were going with her.

And the change was not big boobs surgery... but it was a BIG change anyway.

Yes, we couldnt make her think it twice. She was sure she knew what she was missing to be a super model. She sent us away for a while, cause she wanted us to see her once the change was done.
And when she sent us a text, we ran to the beauty salon, and... OMG OMG OMG

FASHION WARDROBE .:TBO:. Black Holes - outfit
I have no words. Do you?

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