Friday, November 1, 2013

Vanity... its not fair!

SugarSuz and I met to do some of our homework  about the winter. We have decided to divide the different parts of the work, and Sugar Suz and I have to write the introduction.
After a while of feeling absolutely unable to write a word, we went to LOla's for an inspiring coffee.
But we found a desperate Loulou instead.
Jacket, canis, top and flats
Today at the Atelier, this new girl appeared. And ruined Loulou's day. Cause she is more than awesome.
Her name is Vanity. And its not fair. :) 'Yeah', Loulou said, 'its not fair that someone can be so disgustingly WONDERFUL!'

When the paparazzi appeared, Loulou was shocked, but Vanity seemed quite bored about all the mess around her.
HOT STUFF Radioactive femdom hunt
CURVES  Amanda skin
The other girls didnt like her much either, but Vanity just ignored them.
PURE  Sales Xen's hats Fedora chocolate 
SILICONE .S&C. Sweater Dress
CURVES  Amanda skin
Mad Hatters Midweek Sale Sacred Dreams Caution
PURE Sales B!ASTA  Spectator goggles shiny gold (rare)
CURVES  Amanda skin

And she was looking super good with all the outfits they wanted her to wear.

:::::OhLaLa::: Sparkle White  Outfit
PURE Sales
*Siria's Design* Open Toe Boots
CURVES  Amanda skin
*Luckie* Rocka Flame Crown  Rock Attitude  5L HUNT
The Rabbit Hole Sales Room Katnipz Fifty Shades of... Masks
FASHION WARDROBE -Newtique- DenimDream Outfit- W/Tango/Lush Appliers
CURVES  Amanda skin
:::::OhLaLa::: Sparkle White  Outfit
CURVES  Amanda skin
PURE  Sales
 :Picture This! Poses:  Strike a Pose Mini Pack
*Siria's Design* Open Toe Boots
Vanity is beautiful, sexy, and everybody adores her green science-fiction eyes!
PURE Sales -POUDRE- [Eyes]
CURVES  Amanda skin
Munique for THE ROCKABILLY FASHION FAIR begins NOV3rdJacket, canis, top and flats
PURE  Sales :Picture This! Poses:  Strike a Pose Mini Pack

But she just said we would see. 

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