Sunday, February 16, 2014

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Loordes of London Jabberwocky Earrings

Mom allowed me to go with her earlier, and i called Ree asking her to come too.  I was so nervous about the evening! I was sure some catastrophe was going to happen, as Umami's mom appearing in the middle of the awards and making big mess when seeing her underage daughter in the picture.
Mom and her team had made a nice job getting the room ready, it looked comfy and homy, and she was only afraid the crowd would be too big for the place.
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Furniture
PURE Sales Loordes of London-Geneva Convention
Loordes of London The French Quarter Boots
I wanted someone to share my hysteria, so it was good to see Ree coming :)
Loordes of London for the Final Fantasy Fair The Defiance bag
POMPOSITY Word Bracelet Gacha 
::Designer Circle::.
[AMARELO MANGA] - Dress  and shoes Ivone
ICONS OF STYLE Willow poses

Silence couldnt... shouldnt win. Cause the winner would have his picture displayed on the sunday magazine's cover ( Umami's mom was not subscribed to it, thank God).
And worse of that, the winner would sign a contract with a very important perfum designer, to use the pic for the marketing of his new perfum, 'DREAM'.
MM5 Rock! Class Man Jacket w Shirt
Elephante Poses   Lie to me  male poses Jack Or Jill Hunt
Hahahaha, yes the pics were about Naked Girl Dream theme, so, you can imagine...
Furniture -Spargel & Shine Homes for The Collage

Silence was super extra nervous, poor thing! Marlow was making so much fun about the pictures that i wanted to hug him. He relaxed everybody with his silly comments. Ree followed the joke, pretending to be jealous, though Marlow was swearing he didnt like big boobs...' mmm let me watch them again to be sure i dont '.
HEYDRA Dean Cargo Pants V16
Linked Handcuff Set 
Gothic belly chain and  Large ring belly chain
HOT STUFF Hayley skin pre release
And maybe he sounded like a teenager in love... But omg, he was right! Watch his pic...

MM5 Rock! Class Man Jacket w Shirt
People arrived then. End and Silence talked about filters and cameras. I think our friend was so happy his grandad seemed to like his work that he even forgot the contest.
Ree called me. She had discovered Umami, hidding.
Paris METRO Couture Sydney City, Australia Elegance at Heart Mesh Dress 
 *Siria's Design* Abstract 2 Colors Boots
StoraxTree  and  StoraxTree Island Furniture
She had not seen the pic, and didnt dare to get closer to it. When we saw End and Silence distracted, we ran there with her.
::Designer Circle::. [AMARELO MANGA]
Sunglasses Ivone [Gold] 3 different positions to wear!

The jury was ready with the decision.
They had a winner.
And the winner was...
Yeah, Silence,

There was big expectation when he went to get the award.
He had beaten professional photographers!

Then he thanked the president of the jury and said...

Elephante Poses   Lie to me  male poses Jack Or Jill Hunt
The Style Icon Fair HEYDRA Colin Jacket white shirt
HEYDRADean Cargo Pants V16
Umami took off her glasses and her scarf and walked to him with the sweetest smile I had ever seen.
Paris METRO Couture Sydney City, Australia Elegance at Heart Mesh Dress 
*Siria's Design* Abstract 2 Colors Boots
Flash Friendly Poses - Nowhere Else

And if looking at them all those people didnt understand why he had renounced to the prize, i bet they have never been in love!

This post is dedicated to Gerome, cause he loves Umami as much as I do :)

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