Saturday, February 15, 2014

My mom knows!

TAMELESS  Hair Andromeda
Loordes of London for the Final Fantasy Festival Medicci Boots
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Loordes of London Woolwich Military Jacket
Loordes of London for With Love Fair Arezzo Jeans and The Body Modification earrings
PURE Sales *Siria's Design* Black&White Knot Boots
 B!ASTA Feb group gift
:CHAINZZ FANDANGO: Sweater & snake print pants

Loordes of London La Boheme Ceramic Bangles

Friday eve. The finals of the Newpaper's photo contest. And mom is the manager of D'Axter, the gallery chosen for the main event.
There has been a big secret around the 3 pictures chosen. But Silence's is one of them.  He presented his pic as 'S.O", so no one but us know he is the author.

Well...Mom was working on the exhibition during the week, but the finalist only arrived on friday morning. And she saw them. And then she knew our secret too.

The best in pinterest :)