Sunday, March 30, 2014

I loooooove this guy!

So i was trapped home, and i had promised mom to babysit Zsizsi the whole weekend cause she had an exhibition and End and Silence were out visiting a friend.
I thought i could perfectly do it till my laptop decided to stop working. Each time i turned it on, it turned off on its own.
And all my friends were out or busy, and and...
And when i called Marlow, he was not home, but he told me he would ask Rum to help me. He was studying something about computers at the uni.
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Since we went together to the fairground, Rum and I had exchanged some text messages, but that was all. He was a bit older than us, and not usually in our group, so i wouldnt dare to ask him for a favor.
But he called me after a while and said he would be home in one hour and rescue me :)
And he did.

Carrot House baby
But he is right, ZsiZsi is so adorable, everbody who meets her falls for her!!

So we talked a bit about kids, brothers, sisters blah blah blah and then i took ZsiZsi to bed and he took my laptop and studied it.
Freestyle Urban Fair  begins april 1st HEYDRA  Legend  Red
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When i was back, he was concentrated, typing something and singing low. I kept silent, watching him work. He looked so serious and smart, with those big hands moving fast on the keyboard.
When he looked up and smiled, I offered him a drink and went for it.
When i was back again, he had fixed it!!!
OMG OMG this guy is my HERO!!!
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