Sunday, March 16, 2014

Let me pay for the hot choc

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TAMELESS  Hair Saige and  Bold Outfit 
The old town cinema is trying to attract people. If you buy a ticket they give you another for free. So we had planned to see there the super heros movie.
But Ree and Marlow disappeared. We send her mobile messages and she answered omg omg you wont believe this/ talk tomorrow/kissss.
We were deciding what to do when Silence called Umami saying he had a couple of tickets for the Homeostatic Ballet Company.
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop   Harlow  Skin & Appliers 
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This is the ballet company Umami loves the most, and she was like OMG OMG OMG when he told her. She turned to me feeling super guilty, but i assured her it was ok, and I would go to the movies with Sugar Suz.
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She left wearing like a princess, and so excited she was about crying :)

I had to met Sugar Suz at the cinema's hall, but when i had already bought the popcorn, she called  to apologize.

Mike had to work this weekend but, oh surprise! he has got a free day, so, would i forget her if she didnt come to the movies or would i hate her forever?

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I dont like going alone to the movies, so i told her I wouldnt talk to her again and... hahahaha noooooo i said it was ok.

I tried to localize Loulou... but of course she didnt answer the phone.
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::Enchanted Ink:: - [Glamorous Eyeliner]

I wanted to see the movie of the super hero girl against the world... but not alone, so I decided to come back home. 

I wondered why  we had chosen the old cinema exactly the day i had to come back home alone in the evening.
And great, oh great, it was beginning to rain. I ran across the street and went through the little park, and then I heard someone calling me.
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Oh my, i was so super happy to see a friend, i could have kissed him! He was really nice worrying about me alone there and in the rain, and offered to walk with me.

It had been a while since i had been walking around the old town, cause we use to have Marlow's van when we come here. When we found the old fairground, the rain had stopped. The place looked spooky  and  we dared eachother to visit it :)
FASHION WARDROBE  J&A Rock Culture Man Shirt Set Red
Oh my, those creepy attractions!
Rum insisted in paying for them all, but he accepted a hot chocolate to end the night. There he told me what he was doing when i met him... but thats another story and its getting late, so you will have to wait :)

+HUHU+ Mesh jeans - Blue denim jacket w/shirt and Illegal sneakers
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After all, we didnt get married :P but we had great time!

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