Saturday, March 22, 2014


It all began cause Ree took a pic of Silence and Umi laying on the grass, the weekend we went out, and sent it to Umi.
It was Umami's very special weekend, and she just loved the pic and printed it. And kept it hidden in her bed table. And her mom (who I am afraid is quite nosey) found it.

Of course is not that the guys were naked or something, (specially cause those days were damn cold, hahaha).
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But her mom has made same mess about it.
And now is trying to keep Umami under control, not allowing her to go anywhere if Silence is in the group.

I cant understand why a nice and modern woman like her is soooooo terribly strict about her daughter!

But she is very wrong if she thinks Umami is going to accept this situation so easily!

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