Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Application form

Kaleidoscop, the famous travel agency, has opened the application for the 'travelling girl' show. Top models and unknown girls will compete to get a job that will allow them travel all around the world representing the company... Have you seen the tv commercial?

Do you have what we need?
J.Allen for THE OMG HUNT Ruffles Dress
StoraxTree Furniture
Let us see it!
LB JEWELS for THE OMG HUNT Keys earrings
{W&R} for THE OMG HUNT Pastel Stars - Slink Nails
My friends and I were talking about it,  wow, can you imagine? Traveling for free all around the world... WOW.
Yeah, if you think you are 'THE GIRL', (Loulou does) ,go and fill in the form... and good luck :)

Vestige poses  Girl pose free gift
SKY  Color Me Fabulous
POMPOSITY - Hearts Of Steel Set
Formis Designe for THE OMG HUNT Sandal retro
{W&R} for THE OMG HUNT Pastel Stars - Slink Nails

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