Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rain lover

Loordes of London L'Experience Haute-Trench
OPOPOP  Baticho V#2 // Mesh Shoes
Xen's Hats Checotah hat
-Luckie- -Luckie- Boss Bitch Tote 
 Tameless Hair Mercedes

I know you boys think there is nothing that we girls cant find inside our bags.

And usually its true. Except... when its raining.

Oh how i hate to be in the rain,  without my umbrella!

It was getting late and I stood at the bus stop watching few cars and trucks, hurrying home.

Yeah, waiting there, my coat and boots all wet, my feet and hands so cold,... where the hell was the bus?

I didnt want to disturb mom, but i decided to call her and see if she or End could come for me. Then of course, my mobile had run out of battery. GREAT. I was so pissed off that i didnt noticed someone was sitting there till he talked to me.
He smiled and asked why i didnt like the rain when obviously, rain was one of the best things in life...
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Morris poses
He made me laugh with his speech, and oh my, i had to pull him under the shelter when he began to jump in the rain!
Loordes of London Montpenier Peacoat-Black
+HUHU+  City Skinny pants and Illegal sneakers
He is crazy and fun, and i was grumpy and depressed... so when he invited me to have something hot ('and I mean a coffee, love, dont be scared') I said, yes!, and we ran laughing in the pouring rain.
Wetcat poses 
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Toxic man shirt
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige Morris poses
CURVES Zack skin

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