Sunday, May 4, 2014

Did you say party?

EMME pose Girly set
EYELURE Comic shirt and top
OPOPOP Punch V#2 // Unisex // Mesh Shoes
THE PIER MARKET INDULGE Deck Chair Green  and Day Trip To The Beach
Umami's mom was out for the weekend, it was safe for Silence ( you know Umi's mom doesnt want her to see him), and we could meet at her nice home, next to the beach.
fi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige poses Joe pose set
THE PIER MARKET Storax Tree Vintage plant stands
M-NUS  SMILE Sweater
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans

We had to plan the party at the Pizza Loca, cause we wanted it to be perfect, and its always good to join  and spend time together!
THE PIER MARKET INDULGE Deck Chair Green and Day Trip To The Beach
Well, Loulou was  busy, but she promised she would do her best to come to the party, and it was better this way, she is always bossy when organizing anything!
THE PIER MARKET Storax Tree Vintage plant stands
It was a relaxed day, sunny and warm... Guys, summer is almost here!
SKY - May Group Gift
ffi*Friday Empire Galleria Vestige poses Ariela

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