Monday, May 19, 2014

Dont you love it?

EMME pose My best friend
LIKE Sales Room Loordes of London-The Babbage Post
Funny puppet Fair Loordes of London-Kalaoa Sunglasses
PRIME PG store and PRIME Adult store GRASS FIELD
Remember Jersey? She is the new model at The Athelier, she was hired after leaving The Glamour when Tata Moneo stole her bf.
Loulou told us she seemed sad, and of course very angry at Tata. But today she looked so happy at work, everybody had to ask her if something special had happened.

'Oh girls what a day! Tom saw them first, and ran to them. He is very friendly, but he is big and some people get scared. So i ran after him'
EMME pose My best friend
'Then i discovered what had called his attention.'
EMME pose My best friend

'Wow, girls, the doggy was cute, but his owner was the cuttest boy ever!'
EMME pose My doggy
They began talking and... 'We couldnt stand to say goodbye... It was like magic! We have spend together the whole weekend!'
Vestige poses  JOE 2
HEYDRA Jackson Hoodie  and Jayden Pants UK
Awww love love love! Dont you ... love it? :) 

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