Thursday, May 22, 2014

The boy in the frame (chapter I)

Chapter 1: If I am dreaming...

Yes, I know, its a dream.

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But i bet you would feel as ahhhhhhhhhhhhh as me if it were YOUR dream.
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Its about that old frame up in the attic, when i went up stairs,  to store some old books yesterday... 
Ok, let me begin by saying we keep all kind of old stuff there, for exemple, all those frames.

I heard a noise. I jumped. A mouse?? It came from the frames' wall. 
The darkest frame looked weird, like blurry... and suddenly something appeared there.
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And not inside, if you know what i mean, 

but, alive, ready to get out!

Dont ask me why or how, or.... DONT ASK ME! I was so shocked i cant even tell what color was his shirt!

Yes, I know, I know, a dream. A (wow) dream.
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Erm... Would you mind dont waking me up?

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