Monday, June 23, 2014

A bit (very bit) of whiskey

So we moved to Marlow's cave.  The guys were watching football and sent us directly to the backstage, as they called the study room.
SKY Sexy Bonita Sandals for Slink High
HOT STUFF Vika outfit
.:CHEVEUX:. F053 hair
animA Poses
Umi stole a little fan, cause it was really hot in there,  And Ree appeared with a plate with drinks and popcorn.

We had a lot of fun, while talking about hairdoes and make up. 
We all declared to be in love with Umami's new sandals, 
SKY Sexy Bonita Sandals for Slink High

...we told Sugar Suz she absolutely had to wear that very special make up for the party,
M-NUS Top, long jeans w/ap and simple heels
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE Faerie Face Shadow gacha
Tuty poses
 ...and warned Ree about the shotgun weddings when she showed us her post-party outfit hahahahaha
Sugar&Cyanide for Bro Couture & Body Boudoir Boudoir complete outfit
D.A. Mexican skull tattoo
Apple Spice poses  -  Tuty poses
By then we had finished the cokes and other sodas while ago, and Ree was pouring the only bottle available on the plate...whiskey. It tasted horrible even with water, but ... yeah, we drank a bit of it.
Sup Poses Creepy tv w/poses
FASHION WARDROBE J&A Blouse with Leather Polka Dot
And in a bit, Sugar Suz was crying cause she would NEVER have a good boyfriend, and Umami  joined her cause her mom would NEVER want her to be with Silence, and they both left the house (walking a bit unsteady).
I was feeling quite dizzy, when Ree told me that i should realize my boyfriend had deserted me and it was time to wake up. This was not new, though she had never been so... raw.
I felt so so so angry i shouted ' where did you get that A-M-A-Z-I-N-G news, on tv? Cause MY tv had other news for you and your stupid ideas'.
OMGOMG... (to be continued)

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