Friday, June 20, 2014

A coke with something

EYELURE Tank and kicks
*KRISTALSTORE*  Pant -  Floreal 
DM pose
I had to go to the library and Marlow asked me to return a couple of books he was keeping home.
So i went to his home this afternoon.
Oasis Baggy pants
HEYDRA Kyle V2 1000 Members Mens Gift
Tuty poses
I had not seen Rum lately. Since his gf trashed him again, he has been quite depressed. So i accepted the coke.
Dyer Maker poses
He went for the drinks, warning me that the coke will come with 'something', making me laugh. He is a sweet boy. I couldnt help but taking a look at the pics on the ground.
Of course, Rum and the witch.
RoLu poses Twin Power and Steamy Pixels
THE PIER MARKET blah.BLAH.blah Freedom Drip Tee W/Denim Shorts
OPOPOP Enme jeans male
Then he appeared from the kitchen with the cokes 'with something'... donuts! hahahahahha
Her pose DM
His pose Tabou Irresistible

blah.BLAH.blah Freedom Drip Tee W/Denim Shorts
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop MAINSTORE Skye {Princess} skin
Image Essentials  Body Shots

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