Wednesday, June 4, 2014

If you were in a desert island, what would you prefer?

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Ok, this is the theme of the Composition final test. 
If you were sharing  a desert island for one (only one) month with one (only one)  person (and you cant choose exactly 'who'), would you prefer your partner to be a girl or a boy?

After writing it, we had to read it in front of the class, and believe me that it was too funny.
Boys said they rather be with a woman, even if she could be old as their grandma ('yeah, but  she will know for sure how to cook wonderful seafood dishes'- Marlow) or super ugly ('sure, but if the island is desert and has no electric power, nights will be dark... so ...'-  Goth (omg, omg, why are men like THIS? hahahahaha) 
And its fun but girls were not so sure about choosing a man...

The Candy factory
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Sugar Suz would rather share the desert island with a girl. Cause, what if the boy was one of those guys running after you with no so good intentions?

(Goth commented who couldnt have 'the best intentions' about a girl like Sugar Suz, and the other guys agreed)
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Umami would choose a boy, in the hope it would be 'her boy'. And if he were not, Umi and her ninja arts wouldnt have any problem to convince him about being 'good' :P

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The twins would choose different each one: Minnie would rather have a girl to sunbath and gossip along the month, but her sister would share with a boy (someone has to fish, build the cabin, keep the fire and fight the sharks. I WOULDNT do it... and a boy would be easier to convince)
The Candy factory
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And then Ree read hers...
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'I would choose a man. Cause if you are with a girl and things doesnt work, its bad, and if they work its good. And if you are with a man and things doesnt work, its bad... but if they work,... they are really good! '
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Hmm... I think i like her point of view  (Bf i miss you!)
The Candy factory
 GLO*MART outfit
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Xen's Hats Checotah hat

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