Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My girl bought it for me (Mine did too)

Ok, here we are at Marlow's flat, deciding which movie we are going to see.
And Marlow and Silence are upstairs with their gifts.
Soul Designs Jenny Summer Dress w/HUD
 animA Poses

Oh, the girls are so excited! Ree has got something for Marlow when she went to see some sales with Wispagold... and,so funny, Umi went with her mom to other sales and bought something for Silence! So, the lucky guys are upstairs, changing their clothing to reappear wearing  their new outfits, while downstairs my friends are competing to see whose gift is better.
OPOPOP Music V#1.3 VF with HUD // Mesh Tank
Fresh Style 
HEYDRA Lace Wrist Wrap Black
~CM~ Half-Way Dark Dirty Jeans
Geek Chic Creations Necklace and earrings
THE PIER MARKET Loordes of London The idol- boots
Image Essentials Wall to wall
V-Spot Bono Jacket
Image Essentials Smart casual pose set
Why are they taking so long? As Rum says, (I love his sense of humour), WE CANT WAIT TO SEE, cause Umami says she has got Silence a shirt and pants, and the shirt is exactly what fitted Silence style, he is going to look toooooooooooooooooo good.
V-Spot Skinny Blue Jeans
Pose by Dreams

And Ree has got  great shirt and pants for Marlow too, but but 'girls the jeans i bought for him are so sexy I am going to be watching around him to avoid women squeezing his butt!'
What are they doing? Cant take so long to get ready! So we have sent Rum upstairs to bring them back.
Bullseye Shorts 
Immastar Hoodie 
Image Essentials Confused pose set
Woot! Who will win? Ree or Umi? But its been a while now, and Rum has disappeared too, they seem to be deciding something , locked up on the terrace.
C'mon, you  just have to wear the new outfits and show up, Im sure both girls chose good stuff, so,  what seems to be the trouble?
CURVES Zack skin
Image Essentials for the GA Summerfest 2014 Festival Sim Threes Company

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