Saturday, August 23, 2014

Too many stars in this cowboys movie

So, after what happened friday, I thought Rum wouldnt come with us to the  Wild West fair, but he did. Marlow's old van was ready for the trip, and almost everybody was already there.
V-SPOT Two-headed Freak Hoodie
+HUHU+  City Skinny pants
CURVES Zack skin
Sup Poses  Ice Cream Van
I thought, great!, till the princess appeared at her back, waving to Umami and Silence who were last to arrive. And she was looking awesome, of course.
HOT STUFF Aphrodite boots
~ Phwoar Couture ~ Atena Opened Dress
Ok, ok, maybe not wearing like this, we were going to the Wild West fair, but, believe me, she didnt look less awesome with her cowgirl hat.
::Designer Circle::.
Eyelure Heart Tank and Side tied shorts
Tuty poses
The thing is no one of us liked the girl much, but we were going to be nice to her because she was Rum's girl and he was our friend. And because we loved to be together and wanted it to be fun as always.
Then Loulou arrived. Wow. I had no idea the super top was coming too.
:: Czarny Kanarek ::  Long Corset
SKY Revolution Sandal
Image Essentials for the Wild West fair Sassy Saloon 
SKY Revolution Sandal

I looked at Umami and I saw we both thought the same. She came closer and whispered, 'too many stars in this cowboys movie'.
Or at least, too many wanting the bella role...

And we all know this bella...
Image Essentials for the Wild West fair  - Sassy Saloon
:: Czarny Kanarek ::  Long Corset
So you better get ready for a good fight! (to be continued)
::Designer Circle::.
Eyelure Heart Tank and Side tied shorts
Baubles! by Phe GoldFramedPolish slink nails hud
Wild West Fair Frakture poses
::Designer Circle::.
Baubles! by Phe GoldFramedPolish

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