Thursday, September 11, 2014

And my roomate is Sexy

Poses-  He - Image Essentials Slain pose set / She - animA Poses

EYELURE Skinny jeans and top
Vestige poses Vintage set
I woke up early in the morning, when i heard the flat's door.
I knew it had to be Ree, back from her romantic night with Marlow.
Umi had come back earlier with Silence, cause i heard them whispering in her bedroom around 4am.
Rum was sleeping on the couch, and I heard Ree saying, 'what the f...', when she discovered him.
She moved quietly and i heard her bedroom's door.

Awww so much love around for everybody but me.
And to avoid her biting things and humans, I had  to share my room with devislish Sexy, the chiuaua.
SLC Mesh Full Lace Top with Jeans Lingerie white
TAMELESS Mercedes hair

She barked and ran to the door. Ugh. She was ready for her morning walk.
I pretended i didnt understand, and in ten seconds she was biting my shoes, and looking at me defiantly.
Ok, ok, lets go.
 I decided to buy a surprise breakfast, to celebrate that we had guests (no, not you, Sexy).
B!ASTA Top and skirt September group gift
Loordes of London The Hetaera Release
TAMELESS Mercedes hair
ZZANG pose
Loordes of London The Hetaera Release
(to be continued)

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