Saturday, September 6, 2014

Breaking the rules

StoraxTree Rug
 [[A.R.C.+F.N.]] My favourite Game Outfit 
DM poses
Rum appeared at my door after midnight, with his hello love, a little bag and his intentions of spending the weekend there.

I told him i was happy to see him, but i was afraid the house was not  ready for guests.
Ree, Umi and I were sleeping using some matresses on the floor, and all the rooms were a mess.

'I dont have anything against matresses, but i may use your couch, if you dont want to share', he said, with that smile that always makes me smile back.

I wondered what would Ree and Umami think of our unexpected guest, but they werent there, and it was very late, I couldnt kick Rum out to look for a motel or something.

So i let him in, and ran to get a bit more dressed, (though he seemed to like my pjs :P )

I offered him some leftovers of the dinner and he accepted. We sat in the kitchen and he was explaining he was missing us, and as the course would begin in few days and ...
The door.
I couldnt believe it. 'How many visitors are we going to have tonight?', I muttered, and i went to the door.
Life Of Style ::O A S I S:: Geometry - Male T-Shirt
Tuty poses 
Ops... The anti-neighbour. He looked at me with his serious face. 'I told you. No boyfriends allowed. And you have a man here'.
WHAT??? But... who did he think he was??
'Hey, he is not my boyfriend...' , i was saying, when Rum appeared.
Dirty Little Secret  for the Twisted Hunt Boots and jeans
{NanTra}  60L Rebel pose set
Great. A guy without shirt, calling me 'love'. 
And smoking,

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