Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mom loves to write letters

EMME pose
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Today I got a letter from home. Yeah, I know it sounds weird, cause mom and i keep in touch by mail, facetime, wassap, ...
But she wanted to send me something special.
 Verocity Jonella pose set
RD Style Outfit Tsuki #II
StoraxTree Furniture
End will be out on a business trip soon, and they  decided to have a little pre- celebration of ZsiZsi's bday.
Mom wanted to send me the pics End had taken. Just quick shots, she says, but she thought i may want to put one on a frame, and she was saving me to print it from mail... I know mom LOVES to write old fashioned paper letters, but i also LOVED her excuse, cause she sent ZsiZsi pics and some others we took this summer, and they all were great. Specially ZsiZsi's, they were so sweet!
Awwww and my sis seems to adore the yellow rabbit, Mr Ken, the one Silence got for her when she was born, he is going to love it!

TOTSIPOP! Mesh baby avatar.
The Pink Elephant ZsiZsi Party dress - 50L
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 Verocity Jonella pose set
RD Style Outfit Tsuki #II
StoraxTree Furniture

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