Friday, September 5, 2014

The night has not ended yet

OMG  Lushish Catz -Loyal - Mesh long T dress
BARELY LEGAL COUTURE  Delusional Bootie Heels 
Pose+ivity Pose
I was telling you how Silence surprised us with his visit and how happy was Umi to see him. Then they wanted to go out to celebrate.
OMG ::JK Style:: Mykala v2
Fresh Style Sup Poses Texture Changing Screen Retro
I stayed home. Not that my friends didnt insist like crazy , wanting to take me with them, but, you know, two couples and me... well, i didnt feel much like being the one to be entertained.
I would force them to take turns to be talking with me, while the other couple kissed hahahahaha
Also, it was very late, and I felt a bit tired.
Fresh Style  Sup Poses Texture Changing Screen Retro
SKY Sun Kissed Dress Nude ( weekend sales)
Ree told me they may not come back early... or yes, early, probably early in the morning :)
Fresh Style Missnoise_style - DOUBLE SHIRT MALE NERD
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
And I said, no problem, go, if i feel lonely i can always knock on our psycho neighbour's door (naaa, Jerry looks a bit... erm... but he is very nice!)

So, they left and i decided to go to bed. But the night had not ended yet... (more later)

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