Monday, September 1, 2014

We have a sexy guest

FASHION WARDROBE J&A Rock Culture Blouse Red Dog
KIE & Forbidden Closet Designs Rainbow Jeans V9
TAMELESS Sapphire hair
StoraxTree Furniture
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This past weekend we didnt go home, cause Umami had some problems registering for a course and had to see the teacher on saturday.
TAMELESS Sapphire hair
EMME pose  I've hanged my heart on the wall 
It was horrible enough for her to have to stay and be away from  Silence, so Ree and I decided to stay too, and see if we could get the flat a bit more decorated.
Of course, Marlow said he was staying too. Then Loulou called me asking if she could come for a visit, cause she had to ask me for a favor, cause she had a problem.
Ree said OMG, but i told Loulou she would be welcome.
ASO! for The Arcade gacha Alphabet wood 
She had to work on saturday so she came on friday afternoon. And she brought her 'problem' with her.
::Designer Circle::.
AsHmOoT_Dolls Coll_Dolly Dress
JaM -Slink Tabata 
Sky - Claire Peeptoes Nude
POMPOSITY Hollow diamond
Label Motion

Sexy. No, no! Well, yes, Loulou is super sexy. But what i mean is Loulou's  problem was about Sexy, her chiuahua.
::Designer Circle::. 
JaM -Slink Tabata 
*Nya's* Lucia Black top Lemon Zest Shorts
POMPOSITY jewelery
StoraxTree Furniture
Label Motion
She was going on a trip and no one could take care of the doggie. The doggie is one of those that look adorable but are devil in disguise (like its owner :P). Loulou said if she couldnt have us babysitting her dog for these days, she would need to get rid of it.
Ohhhh Umami and Ree would never allow the poor thing (the dog) to go through any suffering, so we decided to allow it to stay.
Cosmopolitan Sales Room V-Spot  Reformed Preppie Sweater
+HUHU+ Mesh jeans
StoraxTree Furniture

Loulou left super happy, and the doggie didnt seem to miss her. Ree took Sexy out for a walk and she had just been back when the door bell rang.
Hmm, nice guy at our door...What did he want?  (to be continued)

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