Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Who can it be now?

:: Czarny Kanarek :: Shirt with/without Sleeve with HUD
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Eventhough he looked like a psycho, Jerry, the neighbour, was a very nice guy. He had seen the other guy (the one Marlow called  the anti-neighbour) and knew what was happening, cause he had a personal war with him about cigarettes and pets.
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Marlow and him became instant friends and we liked him too. So he stayed for dinner and offered us all his support against the anti-neighbour and madame la concierge.
We were talking for a long while, he was very fun, and we were almost saying goodbye when the door bell rang again.
:: Czarny Kanarek :: Shirt with/without Sleeve with HUD
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Ops. who could it be now? It was around midnight.
'I bet madame la concierge doesnt like us to be up so late' , whispered Ree, making us laugh.
I was the closest one, so i went to open the door and... (to be continued)

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