Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Because she likes him

Ok, we were at the cinema, Ree and Marlow sat at the back seats, as always... yeah, you know them :)

Sugar Suz and I sat with Silence and Umi, and saved the seat between us  for Rum, who was back when the lights were turning off.

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So, the movie is about that girl who is super popular but has to babysit her neighbour, a cute baby who has (we see it from the beginning) special powers (she turns on and off the lights without moving a finger, for exemple).
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Of course the babysitter has no idea. She is quite pissed off and takes the baby to bed as quick as she can. Then her friends say they are coming to have a Halloween party with her.
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Two boys and two girls arrive, (and obviously one of the girls is not very happy cause she has no boyfriend, and the other two are clearly wanting to have some private time with their boys).

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So she goes to  watch tv while the other couples run to have their 'parties' in the bedrooms (lots of sex scenes here... I felt a bit uneasy with Rum sitting next to me... silly i know,  ).
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Suddenly, the tv turns off and  she hears a soft laughing. She turns it on again, and again, it goes off.
And then the  laughing again.
She thinks the others are playing tricks on her, and goes to check where everybody is.

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Erm... no, she is not.
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Omg!!! But wait cause someone else is climbing the stairs...
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Everybody screamed at once. I closed my eyes horrified, and when i opened them and turned to Rum to say omg, i found Sugar Suz desperately hugging him.
Yeah, i know, just the scary movie...
Sure. Thats why she pushed me to the toilet to tell me he was so super cute, oh my my my, she was going to ask him to take her home, if i didnt mind to stay with 'the couples'.
' I know im leaving you alone with the loving birds', she giggled, 'but i am feeling quite loving bird too!'
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Now Ree is super angry at me, I feel like crying all the time, and Umami says i should have a talk with Sugar Suz.

I dont know what happened that night when they left us. And probably I rather dont know.

And Rum doesnt call me anymore.

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