Monday, October 20, 2014

If you ever see me running

'I dont run. And if you ever see me running, you should run too because something is probably chasing me'.

Rum and I sat in the basement with a big bowl of popcorn, cold drinks and ZsiZsi's comunicator, cause she fall fast asleep and was in her room.
The movie was about that girl who goes killing bad people in the night (nice job),
OMG Tameless Dark Diva Outfit
 OPOPOP Kaina Beach  Mesh Glasses
*{Kiko Life}*   Mino skin and Ombre - Reel Him In make up
{NanTra} Poses

 but also can look like a good secretary.
Vestige poses Male model
*{Kiko Life}*   Mino skin and Ombre - Reel Him In make up
Loordes of London-Chennai Handbag-Lemon
Cheeky Chibi Creations _Pumpkin patch coat
Aparecium~Crucio{Charm} Mules UnRig Slink High Feet 
And then there is that beautiful one that is wandering in the city each night
OMG Lushish Catz - Sexy LadyBug
.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop Kinomi Natural skin
The Boho Fair   Image essentials Sultan's bride rug w/poses (GIFT) 
like one of those lovely butterflies... 
OMG Lushish Catz - Sexy LadyBug
Pose by Phoenix  Angel poses
...looking for men
Fresh Style Izzie Style Willow Dress Black
Marukin Poses she has never met before
OMG Fashionlicious swagger fuck off mens outfit
Xen's Hats Geary cap
Le Poppycock- poses
They cant resist her, though they should , cause yep, they have fun 
Image Essentials Indulge 
But never with a happy end
Bloody Horror Fair 1 Hundred. Dangerous Bitch Set
OMG COME SOON poses 'Just run' w/props
The girl enjoys her night life very much, though her lovers seem to have too much blood :)
*Luckie*  Jeggie Jeans 
 *Luckie* Onesiefied (bloody-metal)
And she usually wears a sexy hoodie, to keep herself clean and nice :)
:: Czarny Kanarek ::  Wound tattoo
Fresh Style   StormCrow Design's *Asymmetric Hoodie*
DM poses 
Fresh Style  
The thing is... 
(ok, i will tell you later)

The best in pinterest :)