Friday, October 10, 2014

Lets talk about last weekend

EYELURE Sash Yoga and Geo top
Thaino Designs Lilly Shabby patchwork chair (mesh)
This week hasnt been good, cause i couldnt stop thinking of Rum, and when this morning i got mail from Bf, saying that he had got 'the job of his life', to work in the jungle in a project about the climate change, ... and that we had to talk, i felt really pessimistic about everything.
EYELURE Sash Yoga and Geo top
Sup Poses Creepy TV

Umami and Ree went to check the gym's halloween deco. Everything is ready for the party, and my friends are very excited. Ree always have plans with Marlow, and Silence will arrive saturday morning and come to the party too, and that's all  Umami needs.

I refused to go with the girls, and stayed home, wearing comfy, watching Galaxy girl, and feeling the most unhappy girl in the world.
Oh, but it always can get WORSE. That was when the door bell rang, and i thought it was jerry, who had taken Sexy for her walk. He was so kind to babysit the chihuahua when we were out for the weekend, and he had surprised us by saying the devilish doggy was a sweety. And Sexy seemed to like him too.

M-NUS for Nice To Be Halftone Jeans White/Blue and  Demi Heels
FASHION WARDROBE J&A Rock Culture Blouse with Fringes
{NanTra} Pose

I opened the door ... and wished i hadnt, Sugar Suz was there.

She doesnt live in the campus but at her cousine's flat, and she had not visited us since we moved.

But she was dying to gossip about...
oh yes, i told you it could be worse.

About last weekend.

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