Sunday, October 26, 2014

The boy can kiss

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I managed to not burn the popcorn, and Rum insisted on taking the surviving part of the chocolate cake with us too.
We turned off the lights and the spooky light of the tv and its horror movie filled the room.
It was a very predictable story, but still scary. The hotguys-killer bad girl had almost fallen for the good innocent girl's bro, but finally, after a horrible coven, she had decided to kill him.
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I expected the good guy and the innocent girl to rescue the bro, so I really jumped when the bad girl cut the bro in two! (Not even being a Linden seemed to help him :P )
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Wow , she was really evil!
The popcorn flew everywhere when i jumped, while Rum cursed and jumped too, spilling  some of the beer on his shirt , and I began laughing to tears.

Oh my, what a mess!
So good the movie stopped for commercials, and we ran to fix the disaster.

I sat on the floor to remove the popcorn, and...
In~Stance  Ghost pose
Oh wow, this boy can kiss, girls, what a mmmmmmmmmm kiss!
The movie began again with the innocent good girl screaming like crazy, and made us jump and laugh again. Rum said it was getting awfully scary, so we better sat close, 'dont you think so, love?'
Yeah, I absolutely thought so :)

It was soooooooooo nice being in his arms, whispering silly things about the movie!
In the next pause for commercials, I went to check on ZsiZsi, who was sleeping like a little angel, and he went for more beer. Back to the basement, he asked me, 'how is that of having a little sister?' and i ended up by telling him all the story... dad and mom... End and Silence...

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Then he asked if Umami didnt mind Silence and I living together. I laughed.

'Silence is a lovely boy, and absolutely crazy about Umi. We have adopted eachother as brother and sister. Umami has never been jealous of that'.

 Rum smiled.. 'Good', he said. 'So, does it mean I dont need to be jealous of him either?' 

I looked at him, surprised, and he just bent and kissed me again.

The screams told us the movie had began again and we sat on the couch, but this time he was more interested in me than in the movie, and we were kissing again when ...
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Well, no he didnt come from the tv, but scared us exactly the same. What the... hell was he doing there?, I asked him. He was supposed to be out for the weekend, so i had to come and babysit.
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Yeah, but he had some work to do and needed his computer so he had to come back.
'And you are lucky its ME who is back and not your mom, DD', he said , and I had to agree.

The movie had ended. It was late... Rum said goodnight, and told me he would call in the morning.
'Early', he promised making me smile.

Silence  and I went to the kitchen to drink mom's usual glass of hot milk.

He didnt comment anything, but when we said goodnight and i was leaving the room i heard him.
'I like him, but be careful, ok?'
' I will'.

(Well, this is totally new...I just wonder if i will like to have a big brother).
I couldnt wait for the next day, How early would early be for Rum?

**Life Of Style Loordes of London-Gustafsson Retro dress
Designer Showcase Loordes of London-Anatolia Wedges
Loordes of London  La Boheme Ceramic Bangle

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