Tuesday, October 14, 2014

We have to talk

I had just left the shower when i heard my mobile rang and I asked Umi to answer it, while i was getting dressed.
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Next thing was the OMG OMG of Umi.
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She sounded like she was trying to not scream, but anyway screaming but without making noise. Yeah, i know, but it was like that.

Then Ree called me.
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OMG. It was Bf.
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Yes, OMG cause last news from him were 'we have to talk', and that always sounds horrible.
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'Hello princess, so good to hear you!'
Well, he sounded quite natural. He would be back next week and wanted to meet on friday. Ree and Umi were around me, and Ree made signs of NO NO NO. It was the weekend of the halloween party, we had so many plans, I couldnt go home and leave it all!
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'Im sorry, but i will be busy here next weekend', i said slowly. He seemed surprised, and then he said, 'DD, i need to meet you, we have to talk. I have come to sign my contract with the company, and I will leave on saturday. What if we meet for lunch at the campus, before i have to go?'

So Bf is coming next friday to talk.
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::Designer Circle::. Icons of style Shoes poses
Delusional Bootie Heels (Slink High)

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