Friday, October 24, 2014

You have to feel good to be bad

'You have to feel good to be bad'
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This is one of Ree's ideas about sex and thats what she told me while I was trying to get ready for my dinner with Rum.
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'Im NOT going to be bad', i shouted while she kept talking, 'you never know how the night may end... did you remove all the hairs that needed to be removed?', and I heard Umi, 'OMG REE!Dont say that to DD!' and we all laughed like crazy.
Time was flying and i still had  my beauty mask on, and had to change into my comfy-cute-with a touch of sexy outfit when mom called.
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She kept me on the phone for hours cause... i was not in a hurry, was i? , cause i had nothing planned but babysitting ZsiZsi, did I?
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 When she finally said bye, i had less than fifteen minuts left.
I took off my beauty mask in a rush, and got dressed in a record time, brushed my hair while checking the chocolate cake i was cooking to eat while watching the movie, if we were hungry after a ton of popcorn... and the bell rang.

Oh my my my
I ran to the door and I felt my heart jump when he smiled and said, 'hello love'. I said hello, welcome, come in.  I know. Too many words. I thought i was acting silly. But there was more to come.
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He followed me with a bag of gummy bears, and then commented in a casual voice, 'that thing in your nose looks good. Is it edible?'
What? OH, OH NO. NO NO.

I checked on the livingroom mirror and wanted to die. The tip of my nose was covered with the dark mask. DAMNNNNN I was sure i had removed it all!! 
'Oh! Sorry, its... a beauty mask... didnt see it was there... ugh' And i rubbed my nose desperately.
He smiled assuring it was a great beauty mask cause it made my nose look awesome, and I felt like hugging him. I hit his shoulder, playfully,  begging him to be good, and some of the gummies fell from the bag.

We bent to pick them from the floor... and I got paralized.
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The-omg no!-Slippers.
It was a nightmare. It had to be. I didnt even dare to raise my eyes. Then I heard his voice.
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'Woot, I love your slippers, they really look comfy. I wish i had some too'.

I whispered, 'thank you' while wanting to be fulminated by a laser. No problem... maybe it was coming next, cause the fire alarm began to ring like crazy.

'Whats that?' Rum looked around and I moaned, 'the chocolate cake!'
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The kitchen was full of smoke.
 I filled a glass with water and ran to the oven and... directly let the water fall all over me.
I heard ZsiZsi calling mom and crying.

Rum  stopped at the door. I was sure he was thinking he had never seen a girl as stupid as me.

But he sounded relaxed when he talked.
'Hey love, go and calm the baby,  I take care of the oven'.
Soaked and ashamed, I obeyed,

ZsiZsi felt fast asleep again, I changed my cute-sweet -and whatever outfit and when i came back, Rum had opened the windows, put the burnt cake on a plate and made everything look ok.

'Im sorry', I said, and before he could open his mouth i exploded. 'I wanted this to be a great evening, and it seems im doing my best to turn it into the worst evening a guest could ever have. I welcome you with a dirty face, the slippers on, and i burn the special dessert... Im sorry! Im an idiot, I got so nervous wanting everything perfect I ... I...'
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He looked at me in silence. I shut up, close to tears, promising  i would kill myself with a very painful dead if i began crying.
'Do you mean that all these things happened because you were nervous cause I was coming?'
 I blushed and said nothing.
'Wow', and he talked in a sweet, low voice. 'This is awesome, I dont think anyone got nervous because of me before. And of course, never ever so amazingly nervous'.
He smiled and said again, 'wow', and I couldnt help smiling back.
If it was about feeling good, I was on my way to be very bad :)

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