Sunday, November 23, 2014

This is not about her

Winter Market Feeb's Rascals St.  PERIMETER HipHopJoggerz
Xen's Hats Geary cap
Oasis Unisex sneakers
Apple Spice poses

Sugar Suz runs every morning. This saturday, we were in the kitchen while she was out. Umami was cooking pancakes, talking about THE WEDDING OF THE YEAR.
Plowwies  Cupid jammies 
Mr.Book (Ree's bro) and Wispagold, the Red Princess of the Rock&Roll, are getting married in a secret wedding in a couple of weeks.
They have invited all of us and we are so excited that we have stopped worrying for a while about Sugar Suz's  fatal attraction.
Suddenly the door's bell rang like crazy. Silence went to open and Sugar Suz ran into the room shouting.
Heydra for the Latelier mens event Tuner Pants w/HUD 
 StoraxTree Furniture
FGMJ  SL portraits
Le Poppycock- poses

'She is getting married!! We all are invited to her wedding!!!'
We all looked at her. What? That was not news!
'Of course we are invited, she is marrying my brother', said Ree.
'Noooooo, not Wispa, silly! LOULOU IS GETTING MARRIED!'

Le Poppycock- poses
OMG what????
Plowwies  Cupid jammies
Winter Market Feeb's Rascals St. Vestige  Andromeda pose set
StoraxTree Furniture Vintage Holiday Tree Cookie Basket  and rug

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